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Mentoring – Guest Post

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The year was 2002; nearly ten years ago.  A lone twenty-one year girl peered out of her bedroom courtyard apartment window.  It was a bright September day.  The semester had begun; it would be her last at the University of Delaware.  But, she still had eight months to figure out what she would do once [...]

Dreaming Big – The Hawk Eye Veteran Program

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Achieving my vision meant developing The Hawk Eye Coach Training Program. So often we hear  “dream big” or “shoot for the stars” and yet real and “envisioned” obstacles stop us in our tracks.  A few years back when I began my quest to make a better world through helping businesses and professionals create sustainable success [...]

Thank you and Your Brand

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Accepting a thank you or a compliment Why is it so important to your career? How does it correspond with your brand? Why do so many people not handle it well? So this concept has been on my mind for some time now. Why does it seem like fewer people are extending thank you’s and [...]

Respect of the Circle

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I found a quote the other day and it impacted me greatly. And it reflected personal truths as well as  indirectly – to me -  how we can view sustainable leadership. Sustainability is about respect  – respect for all around us – respect for the systems that interact to bring life forth. Native American Quote [...]