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Mentoring – Guest Post

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The year was 2002; nearly ten years ago.  A lone twenty-one year girl peered out of her bedroom courtyard apartment window.  It was a bright September day.  The semester had begun; it would be her last at the University of Delaware.  But, she still had eight months to figure out what she would do once [...]

So what is an accountable brand to you?

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My short version take is: ” The accountable brand has a message or promise that resonates with its intended audience. A person or organization that delivers on that brand promise (which is related to vision, mission and values) engenders an appreciation, loyalty and support. This yields sustainability of the brand. A brand is more than [...]

Calling for applications to take the BCI for free!

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Calling for applications to take the BCI for free! These final slots will be offered to several companies or organizations through the months of March and April. After much analysis, the decision was made to simply the process and create a more affordable version of the BCI.  Now included in the the cultural brand assessment [...]

Making Assumptions to Conserve Brain Energy

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I do believe there is a middle ground. Brains and minds need to make sense of surroundings and input in a way that takes the least amount of energy. I read in a book that our brain has the ability to use about as much energy as 40-watt light bulb. If this is the case, it makes sense that we rush to conclusions. We are trying to save energy. So, sure – we may have to rely on assumptions and quick interpretation of others. It’s a safety thing – it’s a survival thing – it a human thing.