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Calling for applications to take the BCI for free!

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Calling for applications to take the BCI for free! These final slots will be offered to several companies or organizations through the months of March and April. After much analysis, the decision was made to simply the process and create a more affordable version of the BCI.  Now included in the the cultural brand assessment [...]

Thank you and Your Brand

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Accepting a thank you or a compliment Why is it so important to your career? How does it correspond with your brand? Why do so many people not handle it well? So this concept has been on my mind for some time now. Why does it seem like fewer people are extending thank you’s and [...]

Helping Our Military Heroes Transition

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With the draw-down of troops comes the increased focus and attention on veterans transitioning into civilian lives. This past February I was honored to be chosen to facilitate week two of a three-week Veteran Transition program.  During my training I met a phenomenal facilitator, Joseph Almond.  Since then we have forged a friendship. He is [...]

Respect of the Circle

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I found a quote the other day and it impacted me greatly. And it reflected personal truths as well as  indirectly – to me -  how we can view sustainable leadership. Sustainability is about respect  – respect for all around us – respect for the systems that interact to bring life forth. Native American Quote [...]

Making Assumptions to Conserve Brain Energy

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I do believe there is a middle ground. Brains and minds need to make sense of surroundings and input in a way that takes the least amount of energy. I read in a book that our brain has the ability to use about as much energy as 40-watt light bulb. If this is the case, it makes sense that we rush to conclusions. We are trying to save energy. So, sure – we may have to rely on assumptions and quick interpretation of others. It’s a safety thing – it’s a survival thing – it a human thing.

What can $1 dollar do to help a Veteran?

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They understand crisis, resolution, critical thinking and teamwork. They need to understand more about transforming – staying part of who they are now – but also developing into a leader in the civilian world by gaining new skills. They deserve the opportunity to build a healthy, sustainable career just as anyone else does – but they start in a different place – from a different platform. They need specialized attention to help them with this transition. The workbook may just do that.